William Hulun Haddon#

passed away peacefully last week on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 at 5:40pm EST. Things took a turn for the worse, even though we moved him to the best hospital in South Carolina (MUSC in Charleston – 2 hours south of Myrtle Beach). George and LaQuita Haddon were able to drive out from Tennessee to be with me and my Dad. They were a tremendous support. However, things progressed badly and his organs began shutting down … heart, lungs, kidneys. The day before Dad passed away he seemed to be more responsive. He was squeezing our hands, moving his arms, and shrugging his shoulders in response to our talking to him. I drove to downtown Charleston and purchased a premium cigar for my Dad, and when we placed it under his nose his eyebrows went up!!! It seemed as though he enjoyed the smell of fine tobacco.

We’re hoping to have a Memorial / Celebration of Life / Funeral for Dad along with a Haddon Family Reunion in Manchester, Tennessee, this Memorial Day Weekend. We have booked Fred Deadman Park. The website for our gathering is [Manchester][1] We may bury Dad’s ashes by our grandparents in Lynchburg (near Jack Daniels) at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery. The website for the [Cemetery][2]. If a plot is not available there, our other option is [Rose Hill Memorial Garden][3] in Manchester (by Uncle Joe and my Cousin Donnie Wrede). Our third option is to scatter his ashes in Monteagle.

Haddon Gathering on Sunday, May 29th, 2016, from Noon to 5pm#

There might be a get-together Saturday evening somewhere and during the day; we can probably coordinate some day trips (Lynchburg, Memphis, Rock City, etc.). Please RSVP to LaQuita Haddon (before April 15th, 2016) so that we can determine how much food to cater for that Sunday.

Hope to see you there…

Scott Haddon


Scott Haddon Says: {#scott-haddon-says}#

> June 14, 2016 at 7:06 pm > > Happy Birthday Dad!!! > You would have been 82 years old today. > We miss you, > > Scott, Dee Dee and Sienna Haddon