May is CF awareness month and we are raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We will be walking in honor of my daughter, McKenzie, at the Great Strides Chattanooga on April 28th. Please help us meet our goal and donate by going to Great Strides Chattanooga 2019. Then select Team McKenzie under the Top Teams Menu Box half way down the page. Help us bring HOPE, New Meds, More Research and find a CURE! 💜

McKenzie would love to have the largest team of supporters walking with her at the Great Strides walk this year. We are making T-shirt’s for her team. If you can’t come then register to be a virtual walker and still show some support not just to her but to all people who have cystic fibrosis. If you have ever been around any one with cystic fibrosis then you know that even though they go through so much daily they still have the most contagious fun loving happy soul. They truly touch every one around them. In my opinion the world could use some more of my McKenzie!

the Great Strides website where you can donate to our team.

McKenzie’s FB Post

I’m walking the Great Strides CF walk this year. Please help me meet my goal and donate money to Team McKenzie!



Five Feet Apart was fabulous and an emotional roller coaster for any one who has/had a loved one or friend living with Cystic Fibrosis. If you don’t know/understand what our loved ones go through or ever curious why they they have to take so many medicines, do multiple treatments a day and have several surgeries/hospitalizations then I encourage you to watch this movie. Living with cystic fibrosis is very tough and even though they look like regular people there is nothing about their lives that is even close to being normal. Take this opportunity to educate yourselves, your kids and others. Thankful and blessed for the friends and family who came to support McKenzie!




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