As you all know Joe has been in the hospital in Nashville for several days now. It was originally thought that he had Pseudonym’s Pneumonia, and he was started on antibiotic therapy. Unfortunately the treatment has not worked, as we had all hoped and prayed.

After long discussions with his physicians we are going to try 72 more hours of antibiotic therapy, with hopes that this will work. It’s the general consensus of his medical team that he is nearing a time that no other options exist, except removing him from life support and letting the outcome be determined by a power greater than ours.

Karolyn, Shawna and I ask for your continued prayer and support as we make these tough decisions that are in keeping with Joe’s wishes.

I hope I’m able to give you more positive news over the next couple of days.

Please keep remembering us in this difficult time. Joe is a unique man that loved all, and was loved by all.

Take care

Carol, Karolyn and Shawna

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John John Says:#

June 3, 2010 at 9:23 am

as always you and the entire family are and will cntinue to be in our hearts and prayers. I pray God gives you strength to handle the decisions you must face and know that Uncle joe was a big part of my life even if it wasn’t showed as often as it should have been. I love you all dearly and I am here for anything that you may need me for. God Bless you all

Meathead Says: {#meathead-says}#

June 4, 2010 at 2:53 am

Hi everyone I have never posted on our family website before for those who are wondering this is johnathon lanas grandson meathead was a nickname uncle joe give me years ago I want to start by saying aunt carol i know what you and your family are goin through is tough and i am praying for you and if you need anything im just a phonecall away uncle joe has been a big part of my life almost like a second grandfather to me he has taught me many lessons that i will never forget he also sold me my first car when i was 17 years old thats what i will always remember about uncle joe is the cars and how much he loves them I pray god gives us all the strength we need through this families difficult time and especially for aunt carol her and uncle joes family GOD BLESS TO ALL